The faculty consists of three full professors and a number of adjunct professors.

Giorgio Klauer - Music informatics

Corrado Pasqotti - Composition with new technologies

Paolo Zavagna - Electroacoustic music performance pratice

Giorgio Klauer

klauer Giorgio Klauer (1976) studied composition, electroacoustic music, choir conducting, flute, and musicology. He contributed to the activities of SaMPL - Sound and Music Processing Lab (Conservatory/University of Padua) and has been co-founder of cantierezero - translocal collective for music and contemporary arts (Trieste-Vienna-Mantua). He is board member of the Italian Association of Music Informatics (AIMI) and member of the national Electroacoustic Music Academic Coordination (CoME).

His research as a composer concerns the artistic application of sound and music computing subjects. He aims at resolving the issues of the creativity by developing original computer toolkits for composing, analysing and processing sound, or realizing bizarre devices. He is active as a performer, interpreting his pieces as well as historical and contemporary mixed and electroacoustic repertoire.

His works have been performed and presented at several conferences, festivals, and competitions.

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Corrado Pasquotti

pasquotti Corrado Pasquotti was born in Vittorio Veneto in 1954. He studied composition with Wolfango Dalla Vecchia and Giacomo Manzoni at the Conservatory of Venice, Padua and Milan, and at the Accademia Nazionale S. Cecilia in Rome with Franco Donatoni. In 1977 he won the Angelicum Prize in Milan. In 1982 he has been visiting professor at the New York University Department of Music.

His works have been performed in major italian and international theatres and festivals such as: Festival Pontino at Latina, Teatro La Fenice in Venice, La Biennale di Venezia, Festival Nuova Consonanza in Rome, Institue of Contemporary Arts London, IRCAM in Paris, Festival International de Musique Experimentale in Bourges, Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Lincoln Center New York and many others.

"The complexity of the music by Corrado Pasquotti is a continuous adventure of knowledge, an inescapable deepening of an endless process, so that complexity has not to be intended as the vain effort of resolving matters, of providing the solution, of giving the final answer to an issue, as much as the awakening of further questions (it is the absolute lack of heuristic plausibility). The complexity must be understood as internal necessity and cultural challenge." (Renzo Cresti)

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Paolo Zavagna

zavagna Paolo Zavagna published several contributions in conference and workshop proceedings on electronic and computer music.

He did the sound projection and the live electronics in productions by Ambrosini, Battistelli, Berio, Curran, Crumb, Furlani, Di Scipio, Fômina, Pasquotti, Reich, Risset, Romitelli, and Sciarrino in venues in Paris, London, Milan, Florence, Treviso, Venice, Udine, Strasbourg, and Praha. He co-realized short film/documentary soundtracks and received a commission for the 56th International Festival of Contemporary Music La Biennale di Venezia.

He is the supervisor at MARTLab in Florence for the restoration of sound archives and the scientific co-director of the international journal «Musica/Tecnologia».

He curated the cycle of seminars entitled laboratorioarazzi and the concerts held at Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice from 2009 until 2011. He is the curator of the project www.venicesoundmap.eu on the venetian soundscape. He is founding member of the Arazzi Laptop Ensemble and partner of the european project Ecouter le monde. Hi is member of the Leonardo Group in Venice, "a group of inspirational figures who defy traditional boundaries. Bringing together thought leaders from science, technology, business, the arts, media and culture, Leonardos are committed to creating change and to attracting a new generation of flexible thinkers to engage creatively with science and technology".

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The school of electronic music and composition with new technologies (video)